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Our side dishes are all made fresh and make a great addition to any meal. If you're feeding a hungry family, our side dishes help fill them up before they get to the main meal. Side dishes from Angelo's Pizzeria also work great as a full hors d'oeuvres meal for your next party. Create the perfect spread within your budget!

    Side Dishes Go With Everything

Side Orders To Go!

JoJo's (6 pieces)    $1.50

Potato wedges coated with our special spices

Angelo's Bread

Small $5.00    Medium $8.00    Large $11.00

Garlic Butter & Our Own Special Mix of Cheese & Spices Served with Marinara

Cole Slaw

Individual $0.99    Pint $3.50

Cool and creamy!

Poppers (6 Pieces)    $4.25

Spicy Peppers in a Golden Batter

Chicken Fingers (3 pieces)    $4.25

Juicy White Meat Chicken in a Golden Batter with Spices and BBQ Sauce

Garlic Toast

With Cheese $2.25    Without Cheese $1.40

Garlic Butter & Our Own Special Mix of Cheese & Spices Served with Marinara

Mozzerella (6 pieces)    $4.25

Flavorful Cheese Served With Sauce

Fried Mushrooms (6-8 Pieces)    $4.25

Tasty, Whole Musrooms Coated With Batter & Our Special Seasoning

Did You Know...

Angelo's Pizzeria can cater your small or large football party. It doesn't matter how many people you plan on inviting, we can help you choose the right mix of pizza and wings that will satisfy even the hungriest crowd! Give us a call today and take advantage of our years of catering experience so you don't have to guess how much to order. Save time and money and make your party a real hit!

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